Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Obese Woman Has Surprise Pregnancy

Thirty-nine-year-old April Barnum of Garden Grove, Calif. checked into an emergency room with stomach pains and abdominal cramps.
Two days later, on Feb. 28, the 420-pound woman left the UCI Medical Center with a healthy baby boy that had lived within her for the past nine months without her knowledge.
After examining Barnum’s abdominal X-rays, doctors sent her to the UC Irvine Medical Center for prenatal testing and the delivery of her baby.
According to doctors, Barnum’s weight prevented her from knowing she was pregnant, since her monthly menstrual cycle had discontinued years ago because of her obesity. In addition, Barnum did not experience morning sickness or feel the baby’s movements within her.
‘Usually you can tell if you are pregnant, but with me I couldn’t tell,’ Barnum said in an Associated Content press release. ‘If he kicked, I didn’t even feel it.’
Barnum underwent gastric bypass surgery seven years ago, but her weight remained. As a result, the couple gave up on their dream of one day starting a family.
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