Rich Boy

I guess you could call Rich Boy’s self-titled CD representative of ‘Dirty South’ rap. It’s just not the best representation out there. The CD has a promising track list, with featured artists such as Lil’ Jon, John Legend, Big Boi and Andre 3000. These artists, along with Palow Da Don’s hard-hitting beats, are the CD’s saving graces, as Rich Boy’s raps are contrived and nothing spectacular.
Lyrics in songs like ‘Boy Looka Here’ and even the single ‘Throw Some D’s’ are predictable, mainstream rap-industry rhymes about hoes, money, rims and cars. In the upbeat ‘Throw Some D’s,’ Rich Boy throws staccato raps and claims that ‘Every freak should have a picture of my dick on they wall.’ The hook consists of a bunch of guys yelling about putting rims on a Cadillac. Rich Boy’s flows lack creativity and style; his Southern drawl and attempt at hard gangsta rap are almost laughable at times.
Not only do Rich Boy’s raps follow the typical industry formula, but the song list also tells the same old story. While the CD is full of songs about ‘tappin’ that ass,’ ‘Good Things’ is reminiscent of 50 Cent’s ’21 Questions,’ in which Rich Boy slows down his rap to tell a girl that she’s the only ass he wants to tap from now on.
Palow Da Don produces some decent beats on the CD, including the song ‘Get to Poppin” and ‘Touch That Ass,’ but Rich Boy’s flows aren’t consistent with the percussive rhythms. His best delivery is in ‘Ghetto Rich,’ accompanied by John Legend’s smooth vocals. Along with all of the other featured artists on the record, Legend sadly outshines Rich Boy in dynamics and style. If you really want to hear how good these featured artists can be, I would suggest buying their CDs instead.
The highlight of the CD is the last track, ‘Throw Some D’s (Remix),’ featuring The Game, Jim Jones, Andre 3000, Nelly and Murphy Lee. All of the artists deliver solid verses and the song belongs more to them than Rich Boy.
Decent downloadable tracks include ‘Get to Poppin’,’ ‘Ghetto Rich’ and ‘Throw Some D’s (Remix).’ As a whole, the CD is tolerable, and I might even consider giving Rich Boy a second chance by listening to his sophomore album, if it ever makes it to stores. But in his first try, Rich Boy only succeeds in being mediocre.
Rating: 2/5