Twelve Stops and Home

The Feeling, a light rock band from across the pond, has accomplished an impressive feat in the album ‘Twelve Stops and Home.’ They are bouncy without being catchy. Their guitar and piano riffs make for toe-tapping rhythms, yet their lyrics and melodies are never quite as infectious.
Lead vocalist Dan Gillespie Sells sings with a thick English accent. On first listen, Sells sounds similar to the Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner, especially in the song ‘Sewn.’ But Sells lacks the bad-boy attitude that makes bands such as the Arctic Monkeys work.
In later tracks, such as ‘Same Old Stuff,’ the quality in Sells’ voice begins to sound more similar to Tom Chaplin of Keane. In each case, The Feeling lacks originality.
The Feeling should be classified as a soft rock band. Their songs are similar to other English bands like Coldplay, but with faster tempos. Their lyrics try to have the same level of emotion as Coldplay, but the bouncy beat in the background makes them come off as cheesy.
During The Feeling’s slower ballads, such as ‘Rose,’ the band is finally able to shine. Unfortunately, any semblance of uniqueness is lost and they sound exactly like Keane.
I am not exactly sure whom The Feeling would appeal to in the vast world of music. Their lyrics border on being ’emo,’ especially in the song ‘Never Be Lonely,’ yet I could not see the band appealing to that overly emotional subclass of kids because of the band’s bouncy backbeat.
I do think that girls will find The Feeling very appealing, but that is only because of Sells’ thick English accent. I’m not sure how far that accent can carry their genre-straddling music.
The Feeling lacks the rocker attitude made famous by John Lennon and Mick Jagger back in the 1960s that makes girls swoon and say things such as, ‘Oh look, cute accent!’ but at the same time, ‘Man, this guy is a bad boy. I like bad boys.’
While these complaints may seem fickle, the band only offers the listener the most basic of music. While listening to the album, my mind wanders and I begin to wonder if the band members are at least cute.
When I do find myself liking one of their songs, it is only because it sounded like bands I have already been enjoying for years.
Rating: 2.5/5