UCs Treating Outsourced Laborers Unfairly

At UC Irvine and other UC campuses we are seeing firsthand what happens when profit, greed and corporate interest become the rule of law. Ignoring the demands of students, campus workers and union representatives, the UC system continues to refuse to address the wage disparities, diminishing benefits, lack of job security and unfair labor practices that characterize the daily life of the majority of workers on its ten campuses and several medical centers.
The year-and-a-half unionizing campaign at UCI has yet to accomplish the ‘in-sourcing’ of campus groundskeepers, currently subcontracted at poverty wages through Commercial Landscaping Services. Apparently more interested in the ‘bottom line’ than on its much-touted values of integrity, respect and honesty, UCI operates more like a Fortune 500 multinational than a university, cutting labor costs and maximizing profits at the expense of its workers and students. Of course, administrative salaries, benefit packages and job perks prove sacred