Nudes in College Improv Fracas! at USC

While most of us associate improv with the likes of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ we may still be uncertain about what it really entails on stage. The TV is a questionable resource for the reality of improvisation, with its backstage scripts and hidden cue-cards, but on stage, making it all up is unavoidable. This is why society appreciates a really good improv troupe and why acts like our own Live Nude People (With Clothes On) are such a breath of fresh, comedic air.
Living on campus, most of us find our efforts in studying equal to the effort those put into trying to find what Irvine might yield on a Friday night. A night of chaotic frivolity proves a welcome look into the underground of UC Irvine with Live Nude People, following the somewhat cryptic signs and arrows in street chalk to the Little Theatre in Humanities Hall.
This year, Live Nudes has been invited to the University of Southern California’s fourth Annual Fracas! Improv Festival. ‘Fracas,’ meaning a noisy uproar, will be taking place at USC this Thursday through Saturday, including free workshops, improv jam sessions at the end of each day and scheduled performances by each attending improv troupe.
Famous improvisers from around Los Angeles, including members from the famed Upright Citizens’ Brigade (which includes ‘SNL’ cast member Amy Poehler), Mad TV, Improv Olympic, Comedy Sportz and The Groundlings, lead some of the workshops and deal with the questions of young students seeking to refine their improvisational skills.
What makes Fracas! completely original is that it’s the first improv festival solely for college students. It’s a venue for college kids nationwide to learn and network with one another. The three-day festival is put on by USC’s own improv troupe, Second Nature Improv, and is sponsored by The Onion newspaper.
The Live Nudes have had their fair share of amazing members including drama majors Lindsay Katai and Lilan Bowden, English majors Ryan Hoskins and Spencer Williams as well as predecessors who all helped shape the group. However, this is the first year the Live Nudes are attending Fracas!
Third-year drama major Negin Singh has been doing improv for a most of her life, which has honed her ability to maintain a sharp wit and ability for on-the-spot comedy resourcefulness. Today she’s one of the team captains for Live Nudes and one of a small group to take part in this year’s Fracas!
‘We’re really excited to have Live Nude People at this year’s Fracas!’ said Jacqueline Gabardy, a fourth-year biological sciences major at USC. ‘A friend I work with actually transferred here from UCI and told me all about their cult following.’
‘It’s not a competition; it’s a getting together of all the improv troupes on the West Coast,’ Singh explains. ‘It’s totally rad because we just started getting really big as far as playing with other schools