2007 ASUCI Elections Academic Vice President: Walter Tyrell Shatford IV

Walter Tyrell Shatford IV is a third-year mathematics major.

What makes you unique as a candidate?

I want to take ASUCI beyond what it has traditionally been. When policy is created that is against student interest, such as the $500 fee hike, it doesn’t matter which position in ASUCI you hold; you should say something. I want to make ASUCI an active force representing students in policy that directly affects us.

How will your use your experience on campus to help the Office of the Academic Vice President?

My main reason for running for legislative council last quarter was UCI’s Advanced Placement Policy. In council, I passed a legislation directly affecting you; a resolution stating that the current AP credit policy was not working and requesting a full re-evaluation. I am the only person to introduce legislation specifically disagreeing with policy on campus. I would like to continue my work for you as academic vice president, taking your concerns to the right people.