2007 ASUCI Elections Academic Vice President: Amanda Napier

Amanda Napier is a third-year biological sciences major.

The average UCI student has no idea what the Office of Academic Affairs does. Explain what you do as if you were explaining it to a first-grader.

The Academic Affairs Office overall represents the student-body when it comes to developing new majors and academic rules at their school. The vice president’s job is to make sure that every student knows about new academic rules that change the classes they take and also guides students on how to develop relationships with faculty and teachers/professors.

What separates you from your fellow candidates?

I would say that the most unique thing about myself is that I am one of the few, if not only, biological sciences/film and media studies student at UC Irvine which gives me the best of the both worlds because one day I’ll be in lab studying about brain functions and then the next hour I get to go to a class that watches movies. People should vote for me because I have the most experience working in the academic affairs office as publicity commissioner for the past two years and I want to set this office on a direction to be more visible on campus and get our student body involved in developing academic policy, so that the courses and majors that students really want to see at UCI are truly heard and implemented.