2007 ASUCI Elections Executive Vice President: Dan Brooke

Dan Brooker is a third-year European studies major.

What is the state of external affairs and what would you do differently?

I would have to say that the state of external affairs are going pretty well. But like any system, we should always try to do more things better.

We have to push more off campus to make people aware of what’s going on with UCSA and with external affairs and just make sure that we get out there and be heard.

What are the important issues for you as a Executive Vice President candidate?

As Executive Vice President, I will ensure all UCI students are represented in ASUCI. I feel as students we have certain universal needs which should be addressed by the UCI Administration and the California Legislature.

I will work closely with UCSA, other California public universities, and the UCI Legislative Council to deal with issues important to UCI students including organizational housing, affordability and accessibility of higher education.