2007 ASUCI Elections Executive Vice President: Jaclyn Baccaro

Jaclyn Baccaro is a second-year English major.

What is the state of external affairs and what would you do differently?

I believe that the current state of external affairs is very good. Our relationship with University of California Students Association is very good. We are sending our largest constituency to many of their events which include the Color Conference and the Lobby Convention. But the problem is we’re not pushing the UCI agenda to the UCSA. UCI is not getting a voice in this UC system-wide organization and I think that’s what we need to focus on, instead of following what all the other UC schools want.

What differentiates you from other candidates?

I have the knowledge and experience to make decisions benefiting the entire UCI community and the passion to work hard for my fellow students. As your at-large representative I serve UCI by advocating for students on issues such as transportation and housing. I will continue this work and use my experience within UCSA, lobbycore and the EVP Office to better inform and involve students and to improve campus life.