2007 ASUCI Elections Presidential Candidates: Neena R. Dolwani

Neena R. Dolwani is a third-year international studies major.

Could you identify one shortcoming of the current Office of the President and explain how you would improve or change that area?

With over 400 organizations on our campus, I feel that the Club Outreach Commission under the Office of the President is what needs to be improved the most. I was president of a cultural club but was never once contacted by ASUCI.

As President I will seek to improve this commission by designating hired interns to specific organizations. These interns will be required to give weekly reports to their commissioners in regard to large events hosted by their respective clubs, in addition to communicating to the clubs about upcoming ASUCI events.

In your candidate statement you name ‘coming from a diverse background’ as a strong point for your candidacy. How does a diverse background help with the specific duties of the Office of the President?

As a second year at UCI I held the presidency for one of the largest cultural clubs of UC Irvine, the Indian Subcontinental Club.

Having a diverse background is a necessity for the Office of the President. Not only does the president deal with the logistical aspects of ASUCI but it is also the head of the funding board which allocates funds to various clubs and organizations. My diverse experience comes from having both cultural club experience and knowledge of how ASUCI works.