2007 ASUCI Elections Presidential Candidates: Mo Eldessouky

Mo Eldessouky is a fourth-year criminology, law and society major.

Could you pick one of the goals outlined in your candidate statement and give us some specific ways in which you intend to achieve this goal?

In reference to actively addressing issues of student importance, I will utilize roundtable discussions, club meetings, surveys and tabling in order to develop a better understanding of what students want, need and desire to be changed at UCI. Upon compiling this information, I will continually meet with the dean of students and other administrators in order to press that student voices are constantly heard, and that decisions which are made address the wants and needs of students. Additionally, I plan to fully utilize the monthly administrative luncheons in order to continually discuss matters which are occurring at the university and student-wide level.

Pretend I am an average UCI student, with no connection to any club, sorority, fraternity or social group and I know nothing about you or any of the other candidates. Offer me a reason why I should vote for you over anyone else.

One unique attribute that distinguishes me from my opponents is that I am a highly dedicated individual who strives to achieve all of my goals. For example, upon becoming an instructor for ASUCI’s Visions Leadership Class, I pressed myself to create a course book to afford students the opportunity to take with them a reference to use in their future endeavors. This is just a glimpse of the type of president I will be if I am elected.