2007 ASUCI Elections Presidential Candidates: Oracio Sanchez

Oracio Sanchez is a third-year Spanish major.

Pretend I am an average UCI student, with no connection to any club, sorority, fraternity or social group and I know nothing about you or any of the other candidates. Give me one unique reason why I should vote for you over anyone else.

My reason for why you should vote for me is because I am a student that is very diverse, going from athletics, involved in organizations, have many friends that are in a fraternity or sorority, know many different aspects of the campus and especially know students who are not active here at UCI. I want to change that, I want to make sure that students have a place and a sense of belonging here and that they take pride in being called an Anteater, as I have in my stay at UCI.

Name one shortcoming of the current Office of the President and explain how you would improve or change that area.

I believe the Office has really had little communication with athletics. I found it surprising this year when I went to the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee meeting and found out that this entire year no body under the Office of the President has outreached to the athletes. I want to make sure that this changes next year because I want to bring more unity to this campus and promoting all the sports that UCI competes at is a good way to bring spirit to the campus.