2007 ASUCI Elections Presidential Candidates: AJ Sciutto

AJ Sciutto is a fourth-year film studies and digital arts major.

In your candidate statement you name ‘working with housing’ as part of your platform. What does that mean specifically?

With housing, I really plan on speeding up the rate that the third section of VDC gets built. With housing’s new policy of guarantee housing to all first and second years, the options for upper-classmen have plummeted and housing needs to fix it as soon as possible. I also really plan on establishing a Greek Row within the next five years.

Offer a unique reason why an average UCI student should vote for you over someone else.

How many people do you know personally who are proud that Ocean’s 11 was shot partly on the UCI campus? That seems to me to be something students are really proud of. I personally work in film. I’ve worked with actors such as Nicholas Cage, Jessica Beil, and Julianne Moore on a film called ‘Next’ coming out this summer. I’ve also worked on ‘Terminator 3,’ ‘Monster House,’ ‘Wild Hogs’ and other films as a production assistant. This knowledge about film has enlightened me to the fact that if we drastically reduce our location costs that we charge films to shoot on campus with the architecture we have at UCI, and with my connections to various location scouts with various studios, we could get a lot more films to be shot here.