2007 ASUCI Elections Student Services VP: Chelsey Liwag-Estrada

Chelsey Liwag-Estrada is a second-year psychology major.

Every year we hear students complain about the lack of concerts on campus, especially compared to other UCs. How, with specific ideas, do you plan to address this problem?

Compared to other UCs, our current funds and resources are very limited. We simply lack the monetary support to plan concert events such as UCSD’s Sun God Festival.

In addition, the lack of the Student Center has proven to make planning frequent shows much more difficult which is why this year’s office decided to utilize other great campus venues such as Crawford Hall and the ARC.

Next year, with the new Student Center, some budget prioritizing and the help of other student leaders, I will be bringing back noontime shows, pub nights, and more concerts for everyone to enjoy.

The Student Center is built with amplified sound, two food courts, a built-in stage and numerous rooms that will prove useful as venues for a variety of events and will be open to all clubs and organizations. The Student Center’s presence will bring more unification to campus as well as give students a place to take a break in between classes.

This year’s Office of Student Services seemed to experience a problem with people not pulling their weight in the office. As a leader, how do you plan on making sure the students of UCI are getting their money’s worth in terms of work done by people in the office?

Student money is used to fund ASUCI. Thus, it is my responsibility to hire and keep people that are accountable and representative of all students. Every UCI student is a member of ASUCI and I want people in the office that take the initiative and choose to be active members in ASUCI. For anyone to put more than 100 percent effort into anything, he or she must have heart for what they are doing. Clearly communicating with my staff what they are working for and, more importantly, why they are working for that cause are extremely important in motivating anyone to pull their own weight. Giving ownership and responsibilities to those on staff will also ensure that they take initiative and motivate them to involve themselves in something they care about, because it is something that is partly theirs. Having an enjoyable work environment and providing incentives and awards will further ensure motivation and encourage more people to get involved and for those involved to stay involved!