2007 ASUCI Elections Student Services VP: Floyd Tran

Floyd Tran is a third-year psychology and social behavior major.

This year’s Office of the Student Services seemed to experience a problem with people not pulling their weight in the office. As a leader, how do you plan on making sure the students of UCI are getting their money’s worth in terms of work done by people in the office?

Not many students know that all the interns of the Office of Student Services are not paid to work and provide services to events such as concerts, movie nights and festivals. It’s a lot of work and it’s hard to find the acknowledgment that comes from working on projects that serve their fellow students. As a leader, I would emphasize an appreciation for all the interns that work hard for only the sake of making our campus a more fun place to be. Raising campus morale is not an easy task, so I would put it up to the test of making the office a more comfortable and welcoming environment to work in. By showing appreciation and acknowledgements to the people who participate in working on the events on campus, they would feel more wanted and enthusiastic to continue the ongoing process of combating campus apathy. Everyone just wants to feel needed, and that’s why I’m here.