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Candidates Discuss Campus Issues

Candidates running for the 2007-2008 Associated Students of UC Irvine Executive Council participated in a Q-and-A session that allowed them to present their personal statements in an organized forum on April 12 in the Crystal Cove Auditorium.
The candidates for the positions of president, executive vice president, academic affairs vice president, administrative affairs vice president and student services vice president were present at the forum.
The first debate was between student services vice president candidates Floyd Tran, Hannah Johnson and Chelsey Liwag-Estrada. The three students voiced their various views on questions posed from the audience and proctor.
Academic Affairs Vice president candidates Perry Yates, Amanda Napier and Walter Tyrell Shatford IV shared their opinions about academic issues that affect and involve UCI, such as the prospect of making the women’s studies major into a school department, their opinions regarding ‘U Teach,’ which allows students to teach other students in a classroom setting, and whether or not funds should be invested in outreach programs.
‘Everyone deserves a chance because UCI is a great school,’ third-year biological sciences major Napier said. ‘Student outreach programs are great.’
While all three candidates agreed that outreach programs are great for the school to have, their opinions differed on how those programs should be maintained.
Shatford stated that the expenses of outreach programs need to come from somewhere else and not from the students’ pockets. Yates agreed that outreach programs are beneficial for future anteaters, but not at the expense of current anteaters, and wishes to start a referendum.
Kyle Holmes and Ricky Macapiniac, candidates for the administrative affairs vice president position, were asked to provide examples of ways in which they accomplished goals, how they would react in instances of flakiness from co-workers and what mistakes they have made when working with administrators.
Macapinlac stated his belief in student empowerment and the importance of giving people what they want and the freedom to pursue their desires. He also proposed that professors produce their own textbooks and use Anteater Publishing for cheaper textbooks. In contrast, Holmes shared his plan of creating a Web-based network where students can exchange and sell textbooks, so that textbook buyback is eliminated and students may obtain textbooks at a lower cost from the Web-exchange.
Executive vice presidential candidates Jaclyn Baccaro, Ingrid Cruz, Kyle Olney and Dan Brooker introduced their executive agendas, strengths and their respective opinions on UCI’s role in the UC Student Association board.
Presidential candidates AJ Sciutto, Oracio Sanchez, Neena Dolwani and Mo Eldessousky discussed their leadership experiences, opinions about the funding of organization and their commitment to ethics.
Candidates, for the positions of at-large representative, biological sciences representative, humanities representative, ICS representative, engineering representative, social ecology representative and social sciences representative did not participate in the debates.
Candidate had a limited amount of time to answer each question and an opportunity to provide an opening and closing statement. The online voting polls open this Monday at 9 a.m. and will close this Friday at 5 p.m. To vote, access