Islam Is Not a Peaceful Religion

I love Muslims. The few Muslim nations that I’ve visited are home to some of the most hospitable and generous people I have ever met. However, this does not change the politically incorrect fact that Islam is an ideology that inherently promotes violence, subjugation and inequality.
You see, when the claim is submitted that ‘Islam is a peaceful religion,’ it is most always based on the fact that most Muslims are peaceful people. This, however, only confirms the fact that most humans of the world pursue peaceful lives, without truly addressing the ideology itself.
I could easily construct an argument calling solely upon the news photos I see regularly of women being beaten in Kabul, or the mutilated bodies of Hindus in Bangladesh, or the toddlers dressed up as suicide bombers in Palestine, or a Ronald McDonald statue being burned in Pakistan. I could even point out the fact that the Muslim world seems to have continually bloody borders: central and east Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus, central Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.