The Troubadour Hosts The Gossip

It was the night of the ‘femme puissant’ at The Troubadour. The Gossip, a three-part ensemble vocal about their beliefs, played the headlining act; preceding them was the equally powerful Yo Majesty.
A powerhouse trio of MC vixens, they drove the crowd wild. Their excellent onstage chemistry and seamless melding into each others’ rhymes made for a flawless performance.
Beth Ditto, lead vocalist and band frontwoman, is a powerful stage presence and a true siren of her time. Like a torch singer on crazy fire, she sings syllables elongated with meandering notes coupling with the band’s melodies to drive their messages home. Her outfit was a bright turquoise tunic, electric pink tights and sunny yellow flats topped with jet black beehive and opalescent pearls holding an encapsulated white razor blade in the middle.
‘You know what sucks about tights?’ she confesses to the screaming crowd. ‘They make them too fucking small.’
Initially from Searcy, Ark., Ditto has always been this outwardly forward in presentation, and not without her bouts of adolescence here and there.
‘There was a time when I was really afraid,’ she said. ‘I would lock myself in the bathroom and bouffant my hair for hours