UCI’s 2007 Battle of the Bands

The musical bar was raised, the crowd was significantly larger and, compared to the year before, the quality of performances took a complete 180-degree turn at this year’s UC Irvine Battle of the Bands.
The system of selection remained the same: Bands sent in demos and were called in for acoustic auditions just days before the actual battle. Six of them were selected by an Associated Students of UCI committee to compete in front of the student body at the Phoenix Grille.
Indie rock band Paper Thin Walls was the first act of the night, which isn’t always the easiest spot to hold. Yet Paper Thin Walls proved themselves by holding the attention of UCI students and attracting a few more early into the battle.
The vocals were deep but unpretentious, which was refreshing to hear from a rising band. It was also great to see a female drummer