Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Iraqi Children Benefit, Concert Could Improve

It’s great that the Baghdad School Project Benefit raised about $2,500 for Iraqi school children. It’s also great that two groups on campus, KUCI and the Baghdad School Project, composed of students from the Social Science Dean’s Ambassador’s Counsel, joined together to raise money for a good cause while providing entertainment for the community. But only about one-quarter of the four-hour concert released dopamine in the listener’s brain.
At the Baghdad School Project Benefit Concert, The Blue Lion Project was the greatest benefit to listeners’ ears. Every electric guitar solo was an exhilarating rollercoaster ride. And while beer guzzling might be necessary to withstand the repetitive rhythms of a typical ska-punk show, the drummer kept the audience alert with titillating rhythmic changes, making a sober fun a reality. From ska-punk to bits of country rock, the band transcended genres with a brush of new sound for each song. What made the band most exciting was the vocalist, Rebecca Vertson.
While Gwen Stefani’s skanking attitude is easy to reminisce about when listening to Vertson, not only does she have double the vocal range, but her hip-roll, combined with a lip-pout and eye-roll, made it look like she was getting ready to kick skinny girl Steffani’s rocky movements offstage. If sexy attitude could win a fight, hands down, all bets are on Vertson.
Sadly, while the ear took a thrill ride, the bodies of audience members remained in their lecture-hall seats. The band played at the wrong place and time