Anti-Islam Article Shows Questionable Logic

In his intriguing article, ‘Islam is Not a Peaceful Religion’ (April 16), Jesse Nickles seemed to have left out the critical fact that Muslims not only have a tendency to be brutally violent, but they, on top of everything else, like to dine on children in a secretive, religious ceremony. Yes, you heard right, Muslims like to eat children.
I have frequently observed my Muslim friends take part in this peculiar habit. I often wonder how they manage to procure all those children to help feed the 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. I never get a straight answer, but have assumed that it’s due to their exceptionally high birth rates. Maybe that’s the explanation for why Islam is the fastest-growing religion in North America and the world.
Now to be fair, Nickles conceded that ‘most Muslims are peaceful people’ and it is the very few violent ones that prove the rule rather than the exception. Who needs the old adage that small, marginalized ideological minorities are the exceptions, not the rule? Not Nickles or me. We prefer the line of reasoning that categorizes and creates a monolith of a massive, heterogeneous group by using a fringe, marginalized minority.
Nickles and I, in accordance with seemingly everything, agree to disagree with academics such as Edward Said, who wrote a pathetic fairy tale about Orientalism, questioning the problematic discourse on the Middle East and Islam. Said, like other elitist members of the intelligentsia, demands too much by encouraging us to look at the intricacies of each scenario and situation and not jump to egregious generalizations. That mode of thinking is so 200 years ago.
What’s more, we need speed and short sound-byte news. Who cares about accuracy, contextualization or history? Again, not Nickles or me. Nowadays, articles should be written in half an hour, based on Wikipedia entries that one wrote oneself.
Speaking of which, if one were to search for ‘Islam’ on Wikipedia as of Saturday, April 21, one would notice the new, peculiar heading ‘Muslims practice baby eating’ by scrolling down a little. That is proof, at least according to Nickles and me, of this unquestionable fact now. If that entry has been deleted, blame the large majority of so called peace-loving Muslims; they aren’t following their religion of hate, intolerance and violence according to Nickles. Those one billion Muslims are digressing from the true teachings of the religion. Nickles may not be Muslim, but he knows. The Muslims that brought about the Spanish golden age, years of tolerance and progress representing, in the words of Bertrand Russel ‘the brilliant civilization of Islam,’ were apostates to their faith. The real Islam and the real Muslims would have practiced inquisitions, crusades, witch hunts and murder.
Using the same criteria of proof