CalPIRG Brings Aid to Gulf

This spring break, 21 students from UCI CalPIRG went to the Gulf Coast to help ease the pain of victims that were still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Katrina.
CalPIRG initially wanted to take 100 students from all the UC campuses but the Emergency Center in the Gulf Coast could not provide for so many students. Those interested in volunteering for this program were asked to turn in applications and were then interviewed.
Twenty-one students were selected for their enthusiasm and desire to help the community. These students worked with emergency communities and soon saw in the misery the victims still live two years after the hurricane.
‘By far the most emotional part of the trip was when I went to the Ninth Ward and saw where the actual levee broke,’ said Michelle Henderson, a volunteer. ‘It was scary and frightening to see houses that were still on top of each other, rotated 90 degrees, or even had trees through them … and this event occurred almost two years ago. St. Bernard’s Parish, also known as Ninth Ward, was, and still continues to be the epitome of a ghost town; it was eerie to see the remains of what was left after the storm. Xs had been spray painted on houses