Doing Business With Fashion

I was eager to attend the Business Entertainment Event hosted by the Alliance of Business Students last Tuesday. An event I had attended last January, Executives at the Roundtable, had been both informative and fun. I also enjoyed my false sense of importance while clutching my notepad and pen dressed in business attire.
The atmosphere for the Entertainment Event was different from Executives at the Roundtable. The attendees were dressed down in fun formal, polos and slacks or blouses with formal skirts and stilettos. Apparently the words ‘entertainment’ and ‘fashion’ don’t carry the same connotation of stuffiness that perhaps ‘executive’ and ‘corporate’ do. I asked two students why they attended the event and they, Vy Pham and Jocelyn Huynh, first-year biological sciences majors, said, ‘As girls, we read a lot of magazines and we’re into fashion. We wanted to know how [magazines] get the story down, how they take pictures