Flock’s Bestseller Touches Readers

There come times in each of our lives when we feel that the way we act toward the world conflicts with what is in our hearts or minds. Elizabeth Flock took this idea to heart when she wrote ‘But Inside I’m Screaming.’ She follows a news commentator, Isabel Murphy, as she sits in psychiatric facility trying to make sense of everything that has pushed her over the edge.
Isabel encounters several patients who also struggle with their minds, fighting every day to build the ability to cope with everything life has thrown at them. Balancing her job, which drags her miles away at a moment’s notice during the oddest hours, her marriage and her family takes its toll on Isabel.
The biggest thing Flock has working for her is her subject. The reader is unable to put the book down, as many have never experienced what it is like being in a psychiatric facility in the midst of patients with varying problems. She offers a true look into such a facility that aims to provide a safe haven and heal those who have broken under the pressures of the outside world.
We all experience such people who hide how they feel and act pleasant toward everyone around them. Such people are hard to screen and many assume they have no emotional issues or are stronger than everyone else. Flock, however, expresses that all the pressures we feel from society need an outlet. And for someone like Isabel, whose busy lifestyle we can all relate to, there is nowhere to go but down when such success pressures her.
Overall, it is Flock’s brilliant writing and touching topic that makes this book a bestseller. Though her subjects seem of minimal interest at first, the reader cannot help but relate to and empathize with Flock’s characters. We all seek strength in coping with the ups and downs of life. Elizabeth Flock uses her talent to create an amazing story with that idea at its core. She gives her readers hope and a new way of looking at life. This book is definitely a must-read!