ASUCI Divided by Election Disqualification

Since the polls closed for the Associated Students of UC Irvine elections, the student body and ASUCI has been deeply divided by the Judicial Board’s decision to disqualify Hannah Johnson, the winner of the popular vote for vice president of the office of student services, and to award the position to runner-up Chelsey Liwag-Estrada.
‘This is not the way I would have liked to win. But, it is imperative that every candidate know, understand and abide by the elections code,’ Liwag-Estrada said. ‘I wouldn’t play football if I didn’t understand the game or the rules.’
‘I don’t think my hearing was fair,’ Johnson said. ‘Although [the Judicial Board] may believe they upheld the ASUCI Constitution and the Elections Code by disqualifying me, their actions wasted the votes of over 1,700 students. Is this really democratic?’
After Liwag-Estrada’s initial complaint against Johnson was dismissed by the ASUCI Elections Committee