ASUCI Elections Tainted by Corruption?

This year’s Associated Students of UC Irvine elections, similar to past elections, have given rise to suspicions of either corruption or ineptitude on the part of some ASUCI officials and the system under which they operate.
As is the case every year, some students, following the election, brought forth allegations of elections-code violations before the ASUCI Elections Committee, which decides the merits of such complaints. All complaints this year were dismissed, but two were contested by students; this resulted in Judicial Board hearings on those complaints, and ultimately, one candidate’s disqualification.
Vice President of the Office of Student Services Hannah Johnson, who was the declared winner by popular vote, was disqualified for minor problems with her budget sheet, on which candidates are supposed to report the amount of money spent on each campaign and the reasons for each expenditure. In addition, our new ASUCI president, Mohammad Eldessousky, underwent the possibility of disqualification for the same reason as Johnson, and sat for the same type of hearing as Johnson