Be a Good American in the Wheel of Life, You Gypsy, and Embrace the Native in You

See that classy little KFC near University Center? OK, you are also now at your fabulous Taco Bell. Move over a few feet and look! In-N-Out. Alright, now frolic on over just a few more feet and, behold! Jack in the Box. Yes folks, students here at UC Irvine are blessed with lots and lots of wonderful, wholesome food. Freshman 15? Hah!
While it is fun and convenient to make a fast-food run sometimes, it is easy to think that Irvine doesn’t have a lot to offer in the fine dining department. Au contraire, my friend, it has taken me nearly three years, but alas, I have found some lovely (and affordable) places to get great food, and I’m here to share the wealth with four of my favorites.
If I had to name my vice, it would no doubt be frozen yogurt. No, I am not about to rave about Golden Spoon