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Concerns Arise Over New UCIPD Member

After nearly two years with the UC San Diego Community Service Office Program, Peter Kim will no longer have to commute from his home in Irvine to La Jolla as he is now here at UC Irvine, currently training with the academy as a police officer.
Kim has served UCSD CSO for two years. However, his work ethics have been questioned by a number of CSO staff at UCSD.
In February 2006, an e-mail was sent to UCSD Human Resources claiming that CSO Program Coordinator, Peter Kim had misused CSO vehicles for his own personal interests and refused to give meal breaks to CSO officers despite California law requiring 30-minute breaks for every six-hour work shift.
During Peter Kim’s stint at UCSD, CSO officers at UCSD have noted that between Sept. 1, 2005 and February 28, 2006 their once strong 35-to-45-man team men team had dwindled to only 15 people, placing most of the blame on Kim.
UCSD Audit and Management Advisory Services examined CSO records during Peter Kim’s time with UCSD CSO from 2005 to 2006 and found him responsible for non-escort related uses of CSO vehicles and not giving meal breaks to CSO officers, though Kim claimed that he was cleared of all charges.
Kim’s supervisor, UCSD Police Lt. David Rose, confirmed that Kim did take 16 rides with CSO vehicles to train stations in Solano Beach and Sorrento Valley since Kim resides in Irvine.
‘He told us to write [the drives] down as escorts,’ said one anonymous CSO officer that approached the UCSD Guardian last fall.
‘A lot of students were forced to work when they needed to either study or had other engagements; no one else could switch because they were busy,’ said another anonymous CSO officer. ‘So, basically, we had to work or face losing our jobs.’
Despite an official audit finding Kim at fault, the UCSD Police Department did not take any action to punish Kim for breaching policies.
UCI Police Department’s Assistant Chief Jeff Hutchison is fully aware of Kim’s questionable history with UCSD’s CSO Program.
‘We were very confident and comfortable with their results and wouldn’t have hired [Kim] otherwise,’ Hutchison said.