Hillary Is Too Much Woman

It is important to note that I am neither a sexist nor against a women being elected president.
With that said, I think Hillary Clinton has a very slim chance of winning the presidency if elected as the Democratic candidate. No offense to Hillary; I think she could be a very good president. Women have the right and ability, just like other American citizens, to lead this great nation.
However, considering the trends of the electorate in the last couple of elections, Hillary’s chances do not look good. The last election saw that the majority of those who voted cared more about morals and religion than the economy. President George W. Bush won the election even saddled with his poor speaking skills, a suffering economy and a war that many consider a terrible mistake.
The voting population in the South and Midwest has become much more concerned with religion, and has set it as its priority. This is the new image of the Republican Party and it seems to be working for them. These religious Republicans see the Democratic Party as a secular, immoral body. Naturally, their loyalties and ties with the conservative Republican Party are firmer. Thus, it is tougher for them to sympathize or agree with what in their eyes is an extremely liberal Democratic Party.
It is because of this predilection of the Republican voters along party lines that Hillary cannot win the election. I believe that there are more Democratic women who are willing to swing their votes to a Republican woman candidate than there are Republican women willing to swing their vote for a Democratic candidate