A Momentary Metamorphosis

Caitlin shuffles down the long corridor of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County with a nervous gait and a timid expression smeared across her face. A closely cropped head of curly blonde hair and the large medical apparatus she drags alongside her are haunting reminders of the hell she has endured in her eight years of life. This three-story elevator ride and few yards of hallway have been the only thing separating Caitlin from her childhood, but as she enters the foyer, a smile sneaks into the corners of her mouth and her eyes become wide with excitement as she spies the activities before her.
It is only 6:45 p.m. and the lobby of the hospital has already come alive with arts and crafts tables, an army of volunteers and the poppy beat of Kelly Clarkson’s, ‘Since You Been Gone’ swirling in the background. Things are in full swing and it looks like it is going to be a successful night for Radio Lollipop.
‘All right, all right. We’re live in the C-H-O-C straight from the O-C. All you lollipoppers know what I want