Mark Your Calendars: ‘Lost’ Ending in 2010

After years of pressure and speculation, the American Broadcasting Corporation has announced that ‘Lost,’ the wildly popular dramatic series about a collection of mysterious castaways on a mysterious island, will have only three more seasons. The series will come to an end in 2010.
I find this to be a disturbing bit of news, and am greatly disappointed in ABC. Though ‘Lost’ has often confounded its audience with one unresolved enigma after another, I have long been strongly opposed to setting a definite timetable for the show’s end.
This move will only embolden the viewers. Instead of watching every week with wide-eyed devotion, audiences now know they can just wait the show out for the next three years, then turn up in 2010, read an online synopsis of what they’ve missed and catch the tail end of the series. There is simply no safe way of canceling ‘Lost’: The writers have mired themselves so completely in a morass of loose ends that sorting them all out would take well over five years, let alone three. And in the meantime, they’re bound to generate more. When ABC first started airing it, critics warned that ‘Lost’ would likely grow too complicated for ABC to retain control of it. Sadly, that seems to be the case.
I’ve long been a vocal proponent of both ‘Lost’ and ABC. While the nay-sayers were busy bashing the network down for every every misstep, I stood by them. They assured me there were answers out there on the island