Naya Zamana: ‘A New Generation’

The women’s dressing room of the Charles Shultz Theater at Knott’s Berry Farm is swarming with vibrant pastel colors, solid blacks and sparkling gold.
Gold shines, glistens, jingles and echoes among the chaotic jabber of the 30 or so girls preparing for their performances in Naya Zamana, a cultural event hosted by UC Irvine’s Sub-continental Club.
‘Oh! Fuckin’ A.’ A girl is frustrated with her makeup. She stands in the corner with a few other girls, wearing black clothing and gold jewelry. They are all hunkered over the counter, only a few inches from the mirror. They have prepared months for this night, and though nobody in the audience would notice flawed makeup, things had to be perfect.
On the other side of the room, another group of girls wearing black and different colored cloth belts fix and curl their hair.
Between the two groups of dark clothing, however, four girls wear sheer shades of turquoise, coral, goldenrod and lavender. Their fabrics flow gracefully and composedly amidst the clamor of the room.
‘Okay. Look forward,’ says Ankita Bordoloi, a first-year undecided/undeclared major wearing lavender, as she pins a ‘dupatta’