UCI Should Use Cage-Free Eggs

While many of us may have grown up eating eggs, we’ve rarely considered how the hens who laid these eggs have been treated. And if we have, we’ve probably pictured an Old MacDonald’s Farm setting where hens are able to walk around freely, socialize with other birds and lay their eggs in a nest. Unfortunately, little could be further from the truth.
Most egg-laying hens, including those whose eggs UC Irvine uses in its dining operations, are confined in tiny wire ‘battery cages.’ These birds are among the most abused animals in the world of factory farming. They’re packed so tightly together in their barren cages that they can’t even spread their wings or walk. They’re unable to engage in many important natural behaviors such as dust bathing, perching, scratching and standing on solid ground. Each hen has less space than a sheet of paper to live out her entire life.
World-renowned poultry scientist Dr. Ian Duncan has stated, ‘The lack of space in battery cages reduces welfare by preventing hens from adopting certain postures