Bands Visit Detroit Bar for KUCI Benefit Show

Always trying to generate appeal for innovative music, the nonprofit community radio station KUCI presented four new bands at the 2007 KUCI Benefit Concert held at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa.
Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks are a performing contradiction. Shannon’s light-blue eyes and gentle smile complement her soft, heaven-reaching soprano voice, but her introspective lyrics and the band’s dark undertones add a haunting aspect to each song. Her voice harmonized and blended so purely with her Celtic harp that it left an ethereal feeling in the room. Despite the band’s use of harp and accordion for the main instruments, a romantic waltz did not ensue; instead, gothic lullabies filled the room.
Unlike Evanescence, which sounds contrived when crossing between classical and gothic rock genres, this band stayed on the bridge. Even the black-painted harp did not seem like a gimmick.
The unintentional gimmick was the backup guitarist, whose face disappeared behind a sheet of blonde hair each time he played as if he was so into the music that he was unaware of his audience. Despite the mystery of not knowing when his face would appear, audience members lost interest in chasing the ghost just as their attention spans waned when all the songs started to sound the same.
Toward the end of their show, Shannon played solo songs that sounded like Jewel’s acoustic ballads, except the guitar was replaced with a harp. While the harpist added refreshing and surprisingly dark chords, she kept a waltz rhythm that one would expect a harpist to play in a classical orchestra. After a while, the continuous waltz back rhythm for the harp lost its ‘oh a harp’ appeal