Friday, February 28, 2020
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What’s News to the New U? Gratuitous Gossip, Apparently

Regarding ‘Student Services Employees Express Frustration With Leadership’ in Vol. 40, Issue 28 of the New University:

Why Julian Camillieri would choose to expend his time and energy writing about the soap-opera drama in ASUCI’s student services office is beyond me. The only thing that is more outrageous, actually, is that the editors of the New University felt that the article deserved a place on the front page of this week’s edition of our principal campus publication and went so far as to place it in the ‘News’ section.

The last time I checked, discontent among the ranks is not ‘news,’ nor is it an unusual occurrence in any office setting, much less a political setting, and even less so in student government, or in any form of student organization, for that matter. In what can only be described as a play-by-play of office gossip, Camillieri presents to the UC Irvine community an article which clearly favors the opinions of Andrew Vo and Hannah Johnson over any argument presented by the target of their attack, current Student Services Vice President Rosanna Huang.

Furthermore, and most infuriating of all, is the fact that the article makes no connection between the internal turmoil of the office and the wider UCI community. The office is titled ‘Student Services’ because its very existence is intended to provide entertainment to the community. Did Huang at all fail in this task? That is a definitive ‘no’