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MSU Hypocritical, Not Educational

On February 5, 2007, Marya Bangee published an article in the New University titled ‘Hillel Welcomes Racist Speaker,’ which went on to blast Hillel for bringing Daniel Pipes, someone she deemed to be a racist speaker, to UC Irvine. Bangee is the spokesperson for the Muslim Student Union at UCI, and in writing the article, one must assume she was acting in her official duty. Last week, her organization proved itself completely and totally hypocritical, for not only bringing one racist speaker, but four, as well as constructing a wall that was not only racist, but also highly inaccurate.
The argument will most likely be made by Bangee or one of the other members of her organization in the next issue of the New U that the week wasn’t anti-Semitic, but merely anti-Zionist. However, I ask you, the reader, to analyze the following hypothetical situation.
Let’s say that there is a country called Christianland where 44 percent of the world’s Christians live, and whose total population is 76 percent Christian (Christians of all sects, from Catholics to Protestants and everyone in between). My club puts on a week of events that I claim aren’t anti-Christian, but I demonize the population and government of Christianland, saying that they don’t have a right to exist as a nation and that they must be destroyed by any means necessary (including, for example, suicide bombers). I doubt that many of you would say that I wasn’t being anti-Christian. Since there are so many Christians worldwide, this seems implausible, but if you substituted Israel for Christianland and Jews for Christians, then it isn’t so implausible. It’s already happened.
Last week, the MSU put on their week of events titled ‘Israel: Apartheid Resurrected,’ and in doing so, proved that they were not being anti-Zionist (Zionism being the movement to create and support the state of Israel), but anti-Semitic. They will tell you otherwise, because they brought a ‘rabbi,’ Dovid Weiss, who represents a group that makes up 0.04 percent of world Jewry. Weiss speaking for the Jewish population is like David Duke speaking for Christians; it just doesn’t make sense to have a radical member on the fringe of a group speak for the group.
The issue that I have with the tactics in this now-annual event is that the MSU still has the fortitude to call Hillel racist, when it is really quite the opposite. Hillel has made it its policy to promote Israel, and this past week, that is exactly what we did. Hillel did not sponsor a wall publicizing all of the tragedies that befall Jews at the hands of Palestinians, nor did we bring racist speakers. We did, however give out free food and T-shirts, some of which were defaced by MSU members.
However, my largest contention with the week is how little it did for their cause. Sure, the week will get them some headlines, maybe a few editorials, but what does anybody know about the Palestinian people after it’s over? Wouldn’t it make more sense to show off the beautiful culture of their people