A Positive Attitude Will Go a Long Way

I made a mistake the other day. Some might call it a major mistake; I prefer to look at it as a learning experience. Sure, I’ve been working at Bath and Body Works for about nine months now and people are entitled to make mistakes, even ones they shouldn’t make after working at the same place for such a long time, but I’m human.
A few days ago, a bright and cheery customer lugged her shopping bag of fabulously-scented merchandise onto the counter, all set and eager to pay. After I rang her up, the woman handed me a gift card to purchase her products. I swiped it and, as is customary with gift cards that are depleted, I cut it up and threw it out. However, I pressed the wrong button, causing the damn machine to ask me to swipe the card once more. Unfortunately, the card was now split down the middle and lying in a heap of trash. Needless to say, this was a problem