E3 Game Industry Previews

You may have heard of E3: the Electronics Entertainment Expo, the biggest gaming event of the year. Normally, around the beginning of May, game companies and journalists are mobilizing for the madness, but this year, something has changed.
The show was traditionally restricted to people in the industry and journalists 18 years or older, but, as every year made increasingly clear, this was an easily skirted requirement.
By 2006, E3 had become an orgy composed of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft fan-hordes, ‘Star Wars’ buffs, cosplayers, bloggers masquerading as journalists and the kids who have a friend with a dad with a cousin who works at GameStop all thronging around extravagant, multi-million dollar booths only to wait four hours for a 10-minute demo of a game coming out in two years.
Companies and journalists alike began to grow weary of using their resources on the show in exchange for a small return in publicity, and consequently, E3 has gone through some revisions since last year.
For one thing, it has been made an invitation-only affair. It is now in the Barkar Hangar in Santa Monica instead of the Los Angeles Convention Center