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Letters to the Editor

I am writing in response to the article ‘MSU Says FBI Car Almost Hit Student’ (May 21, 2007).
The Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine has repeatedly shown its true colors through events such as the anti-Israel demonstration last week. The ideas supported by the MSU through events like these are both anti-Western and anti-American. These include the destruction of Israel as well as that of Western civilization (as we know it). These Islamo-fascist and anti-Semitic ideals are the same ones that stand behind global terrorism by extreme Islamists (from those of the Sept. 11 attackers to those who bomb Iraqi citizens).
While most of the MSU hopefully doesn’t believe in this philosophy and won’t enact its violent consequences, a good portion of their membership appears to. In their rallies, the MSU leadership has called terrorists ‘freedom fighters’ and has basically declared terrorism a justifiable action.
The driving force behind terrorism and many tyrannical regimes in the world is radical Islam. Clearly, this presents one of the greatest challenges to freedom and the civilized world. This struggle for humanity will prove to be one the greatest challenges in our century. Such a challenge is made even more formidable when such extremists who seek the destruction of our way of life reside on our own soil.
It would seem that the MSU harbors extremists that support ideas similar to those who seek the destruction of humanity. Therefore, I would challenge the FBI and other law enforcement agencies not to retreat in their investigation of these individuals. Instead, they ought to step up investigations. We ought not to restrain ourselves in acting within the law to pursue those who could potentially do harm.
It’s very easy to reside in comfortable Orange County and speak of limiting police power and ‘implied rights.’ But what about when the headline becomes, ‘Port of Los Angeles Attacked with Dirty Nuke: Attackers Part of Irvine Sleeper Cell’?
Chris Kilpatrick
fourth year criminology, law, and society major

Being a part-time teacher in the University Extension, I have read with interest the accounts of last week’s anti-Israel activities. Although I did not observe any of the events, I was told by one of my colleagues that last Thursday (May 17) while she was walking past the demonstrations on her way to class, she passed a young male wearing a head scarf covering his face and holding a sign reading: ‘Death to Israel