UCI Drops Derrida Lawsuit

UC Irvine has decided to drop its lawsuit against the estate of former UCI Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, French and Comparative Literature professor Jacques Derrida three years after the famous French philosopher balked on an agreement to donate his archives to the university just before his death.
The university also agreed to pay $16,000 to the Derrida family for their legal fees.
‘In the settlement, the university and the Derrida family emphasize that they ‘are amicably resolving their differences and are seeking, as they always have, to conduct themselves in accordance with their understanding of Derrida’s wishes,” UCI said in an Associated Press article.
In this ‘amicable agreement’ UCI will keep a collection of Derrida’s letters, speeches and academic writings from 1946 to 1998 but will surrender its claim to other papers, the university said in a statement on Monday. Derrida is the author of 50 books on philosophy, literature, the arts, ethnology, Marxism, psychoanalysis and critical legal studies and taught at UCI from 1986 to 2004.
Derrida is most famous for being the father of Deconstruction, a controversial study of philosophy and literary criticism that examines the malleable meaning in texts by reevaluating a piece of work’s own assumptions and absences within itself. Deconstruction has been highly influential and supported here at UCI but is harshly criticized outside this institution as not having enough philosophical rigor.
In 1990, Derrida signed an agreement that would entitle his archives to UCI and began transferring academic writings, speeches and papers.
But shortly before his death, Derrida threatened to back out of his agreement unless the university stopped an investigation on his prot