Bicultural Dating: When Bijan Met Sally

The United States is a melting pot of colors, cultures and various ethnic backgrounds. Living in the 21st century, there are many obstacles and challenges that lie in front of the younger generations. One of the more prevalent issues is that of bicultural, or interracial relationships. Bicultural refers to the simultaneous influence of two different cultures on an individual. For example, an Iranian living in America can be called bicultural because he or she is being affected by American culture as well as Iranian culture.
On May 31, Ismail Yassai, a clinical and forensic psychologist, came to UC Irvine to speak about the methods he finds necessary for a healthy, successful relationship bicultural or not. With this presentation, Yassai wanted younger generations to understand the importance and depth of being bicultural and how to make it work.
‘It’s important for people to be aware of [bicultural relationships]. They have a choice