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College Drop-outs Graduate to Success

‘Anhedonia” is a word that can make a person flinch and trigger memories of long nights flipping through dreaded S.A.T. vocabulary flash cards.
Though ‘anhedonia’ is really a rare psychological disorder where those affected by it have the inability to experience pleasure, lead vocalist of The Graduate, Corey Warning, insists that the word embodies the band’s debut CD, also entitled ‘Anhedonia.’
It has been six years since the 22- -year-old rocker from Springfield, Illinois performed at the Chain Reaction, but even with The Graduate’s short set, Warning still maintained the typical rock star catchphrases that are necessary to woo an Orange County crowd, by proclaiming that the show was the best he had played in a while.
The Graduate formed in November 2005 after all five current members’ former bands fell apart.
Their band name doesn’t stem from the classic film starring Dustin Hoffman but rather from just lounging around and throwing out names until something like The Graduate fit.
Ironically, none of the band members completed their college degrees. Warning was ‘done’ with the notion of college long before The Graduate had even formed but the others were still in school. That is, until The Graduate was signed to ICON MES records a little less than a year after the band became official.
Though all the members of The Graduate toured with their own bands for the several years, none toured nationally until this past January.
Produced by Brian McTernan, who has worked with bands such as Circa Survive and Thrice, ‘Anhedonia’ is the quintet’s first full-length album since their EP, ‘The Horror Show.’ And for a debut album, it isn’t too shabby.
‘Anhedonia’ is mainly rock but at times becomes heavy pop like in the song ‘The City that Reads.’
Warning does throw out some lyrics engorged with angst in The Graduate’s ‘Anhedonia’ but growing up in Springfield, a Midwestern town with ‘rough patches’ in the music scene as Warning claims, might have the kind of influence to drive a new band to produce such music.
‘We had a real rough spot there for a while but we’re starting to get it back. We got ourselves and The Junior Varsity and lots of other bands that are starting to come up now,’ Warning said.
‘A band called Park just broke up and they were a really huge influence on Springfield. That was a tough hit for the area.’
Edging away from such a serious light, Warning does notice the coincidence of his town of Springfield, Illinois and that of the America’s favorite family: The Simpsons.
After this tour with The Audition, The Graduate will make its way to a festival in Wisconisin, Lollaplaooza in Chicago and hit the road for two weeks on the Van’s Warped Tour.