Lights, Camera, Photolympics

The UC Irvine Computerstore’s second annual Photolympics is close to deciding winners this weekend where final submissions had been made with judging and web voting taking place online. . With the awards ceremony coming up on Wednesday, submitters may be on edge, although the efforts of the artistic endeavors stand strong throughout.
Third-year music major Andrew Capra, put together the Photolympics competition after being inspired by the UCI Mad Film Dash.
‘I had just finished the 2nd annual Mad Film Dash, and after attendance for that tripled, I decided it was time to try some new ventures,’ Capra said. ‘I worked for the UCI Computerstore doing events, promotions, marketing; now I’ve transitioned to all the Bookstore events, as well, since some of the staff merged.’
Working with the UCI Computerstore, Capra put together this event with the help of a fellow UCI student, third-year film and media studies major Morgan Swift, with whom Capra had worked with during the Mad Film Dash. Already having worked at the Computerstore, he was asked to help create events that would involve campus life and culture through some artistic form.
Utilizing his connections to many of the technology-based companies with which the Computerstore works such as Apple, Canon, Dell and Adobe, Capra pulled together the necessary funding to allow students to submit their pieces for free and still be awarded prizes and recognition for the work they had done.
‘We’re already heavily involved in campus literature and speakers,’ Capra said, ‘so as a music student in the School of the Arts, I worked to get them more involved with the main campus. Morgan is my right hand man