News in Brief

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer visited the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center on Thursday, May 28 to view the facilities and show her support of ongoing stem cell research. She encouraged scientists to continue their work and received a tour of the facilities at the center.
Undisturbed by protestors opposing the effort, the tour was led by Chancellor Michael Drake, Vice Chancellor for Research Susan Bryant and research center co-directors Hans Keirstead and Peter Donovan. Boxer viewed the research center’s laboratory and observed stem cells through a microscope.
Boxer thanked the staff for answering her inquiries and praised California’s efforts for funding and supporting the controversial practice despite the opposition of the Bush administration.
Recently, the State Supreme Court designated $3 billion for stem-cell research. Keirstead and Donovan, who have just accepted a multimillion-dollar stem cell grant from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, hope that Boxer’s visit will win further support for their cause.