Sunday, April 18, 2021
Home Opinion Outgoing Editors Say Goodbye to UCI and the New U. (Photo)

Outgoing Editors Say Goodbye to UCI and the New U. (Photo)

Let me start off by saying that the Anaheim Ducks are leading the series against the Ottawa Senators 2-1. There, it’s out of way and I can get on with my final rambling here at the New University.
I can honestly say that since I arrived at UC Irvine the only thing I’ve wanted to do is leave. Everyone I said this to told me to stop thinking like that and to enjoy what should be the best time of my life. I never understood what is meant by that, ‘the best time of my life.’ I couldn’t understand how sitting in a lecture hall day after day listening to professors read off PowerPoint slides to rooms full of half-asleep students was ‘the best time of my life.’ I couldn’t understand why standing on Ring Mall watching different religious groups yell at each other about the same thing week after week was ‘the best time of my life.’ And I couldn’t understand why listening to people go on and on relentlessly about the UCI Bike Policy was supposed to be the ‘best time of my life.’
But looking back I guess I finally do understand. In spite of all of the pointless arguments and never-ending lectures that I have endured here, the good outweighs the bad and I don’t have any big regrets. After all, everything I’ve experienced has pushed me to become who I am today (whether or not that is a good thing is a matter of opinion).
So instead of rambling on once again about the Ducks I thought I would share with you five of the many good experiences I’ve had here at UCI.
5. Going to Ohio State for the Men’s Volleyball Final Four. Leaving Orange County for a destination that was more than an hour and a half away was incredibly refreshing. I loved Ohio State. I loved how there was so much school spirit and so much energy from the students. It was a good trip with a great ending: the UCI men’s volleyball team won the NCAA championship (yes, we’re still milking that).
4. Being Thanked. I’ve worked on and off as an emergency medical technician for a little over a year now. My partner and I were stationed at some special event during one shift. A woman approached us and told us she wasn’t feeling well. After assessing her we decided it would be best to have her taken to a hospital (we were assigned to that event, which meant another unit had to come in and take her). After we loaded her into the ambulance that arrived, she looked at my partner and me and simply said ‘thank you so much.’
3. Soccer Fridays. Almost every Friday for the last four years a group of us have gotten together on whatever field we could to play soccer. Sometimes our games were as short as a half-hour; sometimes they were longer than three hours. Regardless of how busy we were, we still tried to get out there every Friday. Even those of us who have graduated still return for the occasional game. Don’t get me wrong, we’re nowhere near the best out there, but our games are more about laughing at each other fall down after missing the ball than they are about trying to prove we can play well.
2. The Dorms. Simply saying that the dorms were one of my good times is an understatement. I still miss the dorms. I was a resident of Calmindon in the 2003-2004 school year. When we left, we were told that our year was the last year that Calmindon would be home to a freshman class, at least for a while. It was kind of cool to think that we would be the last freshmen to live in that hall. From what I’ve been told, dorm life with a group of freshmen is much more intense than a dorm full of transfer students.
Sorry, I don’t have enough space for number one.
Good luck to you all.

Rikin Patel is a fourth-year criminology, law and society major. He can be reached at