Monday, February 24, 2020
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Outgoing Editors Say Goodbye to UCI and the New U. (Sports)

Instead of being sentimental and boring in my last article, I will give you some tips that can help make some changes in the university and even help the students uncover some interesting investigative information about the campus.
If you ever want to find out how much money a professor or any administrator makes, simply go to the Langston Library and ask the reference desk if you could check out the public records detailing the income of professors at the university. Just bring your ID card and you can check it out for up to two hours.
Also, because of the Public Records Act, you can get information sent to your computer by e-mailing and asking for the records in which you are interested.
Another tip I have for students is for you all to get off your asses and start to do something about the rising cost of a college education.
Despite what politicians and even UCI administrators say, they will continue to do almost nothing to stop the expanding price of college tuition. Do you really think that Chancellor Michael Drake, who gets over $350,000 a year and lives in a free mansion provided by the university, can relate to the same concerns as students who are working multiple jobs and having to blow entire paychecks on books and registration costs?
If organizations like the Muslim Student Union and Anteaters for Israel can hold massive rallies on campus every quarter, why can’t 20,000 students get together and hold a protest against the university and UC Regents’ constant increases in student fees?
Surely this issue affects every single one of us, and yet the university is more concerned about banning bikes on Ring Mall and making sure that our university is not intolerant by suggesting we all hold hands around Aldrich Park on a sunny afternoon and sing Kumbaya.
The main goal of the university is to make money, and with the brand new Student Center as well as many other buildings on campus set to open, it is ironic that the university and UC Regents can pay for these buildings, but have no choice but to raise our fees every year.
There are many other problems with the administration, including the UCI Medical Center liver scandal and anti-Semitic investigations by United States Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. (Read my column in the sports section for athletic department problems.)
But besides the negatives the university is going through, I wanted to ensure my good-bye column would have some sentiment.
For some, figuring out your best college experience would be that one-night stand you finally got to experience with that one drunk chick you met at a party. For others it would be finally being able to break free from the chains your parents clamped on your hands during high school.
For me, I would have to say it has been working for the New University.
As corny as that statement might sound, I assure you it is genuine.
During the past two years, I have had the honor of working at the official UC Irvine campus paper (sorry, Irvine Progressive and Irvine Review, but you will never take over as the voice of our campus) as a writer and the sports editor.
Every Sunday, our staff of 17 editors gets together and works anywhere between 8 to 12 hours to put the paper together. The pay isn’t great (roughly three to four dollars an hour before taxes) but all of the editors will tell you that when they walk on campus and see a student reading their article, it makes it worth it in the end.
As sports editor, Sundays were especially brutal considering I missed every football game during the NFL season.
But as I said earlier, this past year was the best I have had at UCI because of the New University. It has been a pleasure working with all of the editors at the paper, and I could not thank each of you enough for the experiences and memories throughout the past year.

Bhavik Patel is a third-year political science major. He can be reached at