Outgoing Editors Say Goodbye to UCI and the New U. (Managing)

Like a long-term romantic relationship, I felt that at times, my daily interactions at the New University had become based on familiarity and dependence rather than true attraction and love.
My initial attraction to the New U. started as a writer for the Features and Entertainment sections of the paper. I was actually paid to see a show for free and then complain about it to anyone willing to read my article. My casual role as a writer for the paper, however, eventually developed into a passionate and volatile relationship.
As a fifth-year at UC Irvine, I have been involved with the New U. my entire college career. I worked my way up from my first two years as a staff writer to two years as opinion editor and finally this last year as managing editor.
As an editor, every Sunday during the school year was spent in the office and the less-than-minimum-wage pay was certainly not reason enough for anyone to give up such a large chunk of his or her weekends. But, I willingly kept going because I genuinely thought I could contribute something worthwhile to the paper, hopefully making it better.
The paper faced