Saving Trestle State Beach

Jerry Collamer, coffee cup in hand, leaves his white Honda station wagon back at the designated Trestle State Beach parking lot as he makes his way down to the trail he has walked countless times. The allotted parking space lies adjacent to the bustling I-5 Freeway at the Cristianitos Rd. exit in San Clemente, California. On most days, it is packed with beach-bound cars, RVs and motorcycles. Collamer, 64, is the founder of the Save Trestles organization and knows this place well. Nestled between the Orange and San Diego County lines, it is a natural coastline that has endured the battle against development and survived the heavy urbanization characteristic of Southern California. However, its security and preservation are being threatened every day.
Two separate, quarter mile-long trails snake through the San Mateo Creek area, away from the parking lot and meet down near the sand. The more scenic route winds up to an elevated rise and gives way to a grandiose 360-degree panorama of the entire San Mateo Watershed