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What to Watch for This Fall on TV (Part 1)

Television enthusiasts will now have to wait anywhere from five to eight months for the new season of their favorites shows. Here is a quick recap of the finales of some of the most popular shows on television and what fans can expect in the new season.

The Office

Michael Scott, everybody’s favorite ignorant, self-absorbed and loveable boss, returned to Scranton after failing to nail the corporate job in New York in the final epsode of the third season.

Dwight and Andy fought over redesigning Michael’s office, Jan received a breast augmentation shortly before being fired and Jim and Pam finally got together in a predictable and anti-climatic moment.

The ending was disappointing compared to last year’s finale, which did a brilliant job of incorporating the entire supporting cast of the show.

This year, the episode focused on Michael, Jim and Pam and left out the subtle humor of Stanley and the outrageous anecdotes from Creed.

The third season was still the series’ best, and there is no reason why fans shouldn’t expect the same useless office conferences instigated by Michael’s immature actions or amusing back-and-forth conversations between Dwight and Jim in the fourth season.

The only question remaining will be whether Dwight becomes ‘assistant regional manager’ or ‘assistant to the regional manager.’


What is there to expect next season for probably the greatest show in our lifetime?

Nobody can really know what to expect out of the clever, cult like phenomenon that has become ‘Lost.’ And if the third season was any indication, the writers aren’t exactly sure where the series is going either.

We find out that the weird rope in the sand leads to an underwater submarine dock but then question how Penny was able to communicate with Charlie.

Locke is supposed to be one of the good guys but acts more like ‘the Others,’ blowing up submarines and killing people with flying daggers.

Whatever happened to the numbers? You know, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. They apparently just disappeared and play no role in the series anymore.

With three more seasons left, the writers will have a chance to solve some of these mysteries, but its unlikely fans will know anything substantial until 2010