What to Watch for This Fall on TV (Part 2)

Season six of ’24’ by no means ended with a bang. Although the season started out strong and had some incredible twists along the way, it lost steam midway when Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin) and ex-wife Martha (Jean Smart) left the cast again after an all-too-brief return.
The usually succinct exposition of ’24’ became bloated to the extreme, and the weak story was made more cumbersome by a lackluster cast that could not carry the season’s second half. Was this season only a time-out for Bauer or has the clock finally run out?
Not quite. Ratings were higher in the first half of this season, and the show was renewed through 2009. But should you watch?
Yes, if the early season seven hype is to be believed. After the finale, one of the show’s producers, Manny Coto, told ‘TV Guide’ that writers are ‘pulling the rug out from under [the] characters.’
Coto promised ‘a pretty radical shift